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60 seconds*

We want to live in a world where you can pay your restaurant bill in less than 60 seconds.

flypay is an app that transforms the restaurant payment experience, allowing customers to check, split and pay their bill from their phone and reducing the payment process from an industry average of 10.2 minutes to approximately 1 minute.

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How Flypay works

The flypay app creates a direct link between the customer and their bill by using QR codes, with NFC tags underneath, fixed to the table, as a unique identifier that can retrieve the customer’s bill. Pretty clever, eh?

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Never again

We want to live in a world where no-one has to make swooshing pen-signing movements in the air at a waiter again.

flypay solves two problems; firstly, the customer who doesn't want to wait 10 minutes to pay their bill can pay in less than a minute and leave. Secondly, the busy waiter who is dashing around trying to get that drink for table 46 is freed up from time-consuming payment processing.

Everyone likes a win-win situation.

Be a winner. Download the app.

Be a winner.

Download the app.
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Test-drive flypay

Once you have downloaded the flypay app, test it by scanning the demo code shown on the right.visiting this website on a desktop or tablet device and scanning the demo code.

The flypay app will allow you to review a demo order, split the bill and go through the payment process (don’t worry, you won’t actually pay for anything!)

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Meet Martin.

Martin is a waiter at a popular restaurant. He serves approx. 45 drinks in an hour, carries 32 plates and goes through 3 notepads every week. Like most waiters. he’s got his hands full.

We’ve already mentioned that the industry average for processing payment is 10.2 minutes. You maths fans will have already worked out that if Martin takes payment for only 4 or 5 customers in an hour, he’s going to struggle to get everything else done and customer service can only suffer as a result. When we told Martin about flypay, his little eyes lit up. He spent some of the time he saved on processing payment to get the flypay logo tattooed across his chest.*

* we made this bit up.

Do Martin a favor. Download the app.

Do Martin a favour.

Download the app.

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Flypay in the Press

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Where can I use flypay?

See below for details of locations where flypay is currently available. If you’re fed up of waiting to pay at your favourite restaurant, nominate them to adopt flypay below.

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Nominate a restaurant

Favourite restaurant doesn’t offer payment by flypay? Nominate them here and we’ll introduce ourselves.


Restaurant operator?

To make flypay available in your restaurants, please get in touch using the details below:

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